Darrell Wilkes

Pronouns: he/him

Darrell is a depressed 18-year-old who’s been through some shit. He lost both of his parents in a car accident in October that might have killed him as well had Jillian not been in the area. She converted him, and the two have had a tense relationship ever since. The reasons for both of these things are unknown.

Darrell’s a musician from a family of musicians with a taste for alternative metal. Shortly after arriving in Portland he bought a Gibson SG bass guitar, the same model his father used to play, and began scouting out drum sets, though he seemed wary of such a permanent setup. He soon met Leah and the band SABEL, who were looking for a drummer and invited him to join. Darrell seems far more comfortable with this group than the other dauor he lives with, though he gets along well with Taylor.

Originally going by Wilkes, Darrell came out as a trans man to Taylor and Jillian around the time he met SABEL. Jillian offered to help him transition and he has, begrudgingly, accepted her help in this matter.

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