Rosalyn Stewart

Pronouns: she/her

Rosalyn met Jillian & Co shortly after they arrived in Portland, having just arrived herself. She and Jillian have gone hunting together several times and have both impressed each other with their techniques and knowledge of magic. She prefers not to kill when she hunts, but rather charms men who find her attractive, takes some of their blood, and leaves them to wake up later without knowing what happened.

While out with Taylor she was attacked by Trent and rescued by Mariana. After recovering she revealed that she’s never heard of Nyuezvekur; the man who converted her, Ricky, taught her nothing except a small amount of magic, keeping her reliant on him since they met in the 1960s. It was only very recently that she managed to leave him, and she’s been trying to get by on her own ever since.

Rosalyn seems to enjoy being dark, mysterious, and sexy, but she’s also a bit of a geek and has a great love of Star Trek.

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