(Mija: "my child")


It's taken us a while to get here guys, but we finally made it. To celebrate and also prepare for the next storyline, Kinder des Lich will be taking a break for the month of May and returning June 5th.

I'm mainly doing this so I can have some time to get back into writing the script again. When the current storyline began I had already written almost the entire thing, which was great in that it let me focus solely on drawing for the last several months, but it also means I've fallen out of the habit of writing regularly. A break will let me shift my focus onto writing for a while without any of the "you need to be drawing" guilt.

In the meantime I'll still be around on Tumblr (I've mostly abandoned Twitter at this point) and will be uploading some extra content over on Patreon, which will be FREE for the month of May!

See you soon!

Tags: Mariana, Annette